What is your hardness in grains/gallon (gpg)?

To convert ppm or mg/l, divide by 17.1

What is your iron in ppm? If over 5 ppm - you need an iron filter.
Manganese in ppm?  
Enter number of people?  
I use 60 gallons/person/day: Change if necessary
Extra gallons per day for horse etc.  


Based on the information you entered, is your Daily Grains of Capacity needed. is the Total Grains of Capacity you need for approximately once per week regeneration with a 24 hr reserve. is the minimum cubic foot size of softener required for your capacity needs.

To use the chart below, find the Salt Dose Capacity that is closest to the above Total Grains of Capacity needed. Round that up or down to the next 1000. That is the Capacity you will set your control valve/softener for. You will program the salt dose to the Salt Dose (total lbs) above that figure. Then you will calendar override for the number of days between regenerations.

If you have 2.0 ppm or more of iron, you may want to regenerate every 3-4 days. If so divide the numbers you just produced by 2. Round each up/down, they are your salt dose and capacity figures. Then you will Calender Override the control at day 4. Depending on your iron content, you may want to consider a softener with a Turbulator distributor tube and/or SST-60 resin and to use a resin cleaner. Call Verizon cell 570-490-3201 or 1-800-326-8494 for prices.

Pounds of salt Per Cubic Foot of Resin
Salt dose (total lbs)
Salt Dose Capacity
Grains of Capacity PER lb of salt (salt efficiency)
Days between regenerations
Gallons between regenerations

This is the capacity part of correctly sizing a softener, the SFR is the other and much more important part...